A New MCU-Inspired Black Widow Outfit Arrives! | Marvel’s Avengers

Black Widow’s Outfit Inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’ The Avengers’ is available for free in Update 2.8, which launches on March 31.

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44 thoughts on “A New MCU-Inspired Black Widow Outfit Arrives! | Marvel’s Avengers

  1. Natasha Romanoff aka The Original Black Widow is always Sexy Smoking Hot for me because how her slender buxom flexible voluptuous hourglass or softdrink bottle body figure chick is unique than other comicbook brand, characters.

  2. I really loved and liked this Most Anticipated and Must-play AAA Superhero team-up video-game titled Marvel's Avengers because how the gameplay playstyle and storytelling is NEVER that bad.

  3. I wish they’d at least keep the game purchasable in the future. More people would have played this game ironically now that they’re making all the skins free.

  4. Great idea:Since not many people like this game unlike me and my friends who absolutely love it, learn from your guy’s mistakes and make a remastered version. This’ll most likely bring lots of new people in the game game and even some returning players.I know this may not come true, but I wish it could happen.Still, I just wish that this very underrated game didn’t have to shut down. I ❤ Marvel’s Avengers.-Skeptik

  5. Will we be able to play avengers initiative offline cause you have three heros in that without any story lore missions/dlc stories and should allow single players to play the ot zones with ais so they can get 151+ gear its a simple question

  6. How crazy would it be if after this game ends support that the game blows up and people play it. It's definitely a tragedy that this game focused more on money than being consumer friendly. They could have easily have charged for expansion packs similar to any MMO or destiny, had unlockable skins instead of one skin and seven color variants, and so much more. It's unfortunate that this game ended the way it did. I do hope that another company decides to make something similar and give us the superhero games that we truly want.

  7. I've been playing the game since 2021, though I deleted the game on ps4 but not permanently on the console, I will always cherish this game for what it featured and for what I accomplished on there