Black Widow’s “Pointless” Avengers Infinity War Retcon Explained

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18 thoughts on “Black Widow’s “Pointless” Avengers Infinity War Retcon Explained

  1. I don’t think it was a pointless retcon/exit for Scarlett….she’s not gonna be able to do action movies for the next 10+ years lol. Same with RDJ. These scripts are drawn up with consideration to the actors in the roles. And even if they weren’t…the minute a character is recast due to the previous actor aging out of the role, y’all the first to complain 😂

  2. Good old Disney-Marvel Gaslighting bs level 100😂
    The real reason they did this is
    because they wanted to cover her
    curves (boobs) So that she won't
    be sexualized by bad men. An idea
    implemented by VICTORIA ALONSO🏳️‍🌈
    all throughout PHASE 4, 5, 6, 7…

  3. I still didnt watch this or eternals because i didnt see the Point at the time because they were after infinity war and endgame and took place before. When they finally get to a point of rebooting the entire universe which I believe will be after Secret Wars then I'll watch the movies including this one in the order that it should have been released

  4. Not related to the video but;
    DC should focus on the titans in their shared universe and use superman, batman, wonder woman, etc in the elseworlds stories
    The justice league has too much baggage behind them unlike the titans

  5. Silly me. I thought you were going to explain how they retconned the red in Natasha's Ledger involving Dreykov and his daughter.

    You know that whole thing about how she kills his daughter along with him and feels guilty about it.

    But nope both are still alive.

    Dreykov continues to kidnap girls and builds an entire city in the sky.

    SHIELD doesn't know about this.

    Black WIdow doesn't know about this.

    The Avengers don't know about this.

    Yelena Belova knows about this but doesn't tell Nat.

    Oh my God phase 4 has been a complete -full t@rd MCU. LoL.

  6. With so many individual projects in the MCU, fans may not remember little details like a vest from one movie. But, on re-watch, fans will notice the vest and — perhaps without even realizing it — comprehend the meaning behind it.

  7. When the mcu quasi-reboots(they plan on doing after the Multi-verse saga) i hope that our next Natasha romanoff and iron man are actually given strict contracts so that their characters can actually die because of story plans and not contracts ending

  8. I’m gonna sure miss Natasha ❤ I’m sure Florence will do a great job carrying the black widow character
    I just wish they didn’t do Natasha’s character so dirty in end game