Hasbro Marvel Legends 60th Anniversary Target Exclusive Natasha Romanova BLACK WIDOW Figure Drop!

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39 thoughts on “Hasbro Marvel Legends 60th Anniversary Target Exclusive Natasha Romanova BLACK WIDOW Figure Drop!

  1. I feel for you all over there with the smoke in the air. Fires are common during the summer where I live becauase it's very dry. Protect your lifespan and stay inside as much as you can. Hope it clears up soon.

  2. God Damn hope y’all good up in NY. Look like you guys are living in that stock video game hell scape atmosphere lol.

    As far as black widow know, these are the type of upgrades we were hoping to see across the line with the new price hikes . I have yet to see one post with someone bitching about the price.

    I’m looking forward to this only thing she needs is a more well articulated an section.

    Hella excited for her. Hoping we get more releases providing just as much value like this in the future.

  3. If they did this for every figure released, even if they did away with BAF's, I wouldn't mind a higher price point. I wish they would do a true premium line that is something along the lines that Super7 does, and they would have me preordering almost everything.

  4. This is nice. Only $28? I for super thought it'd be $35(that'd be too much). The hair sculpts aren't great but this is easily the best BW. Some new open hands would've been nice

  5. Looks great but won’t be ordering for that price point. Maybe just me but, I have to be more and more careful about my money these days with the rise in the cost of living. I understand the price of things going up. I don’t understand why my wages don’t… ugh

  6. I was just considering on getting the Puff Adder BAF wave Yelena Belova Black Widow to use as a Natasha Romanova customize figure, But to me, This new comic black Widow is so definitely the best BPW figure to date from Hasbro and the 3 head sculpts look beautiful/ badass to me, Still, I might get Yelena for a custom anyway

  7. I pre-ordered this beautiful gal right away! This is going to be the greatest 6inch scale female action figure ever! The perfect body mold that should be the standard Marvel Legends super agile female characters! This will definitely be in my favorites list of the year! Maybe even my favorite! If every legend had this amount of accessories, no would ever complain about the amount of accessories that legends come with.

  8. This figure looks great and I’ll probably cop it for the accessories, but I actually think I’m going to keep rocking the Silk kitbash Black Widow in my main display. Yeah it’s a bit more boring from a sculpting perspective, but I dig the more classic aesthetic

  9. With the Target red card it cost me $28.27. THIS is how these figures should be. With a good amount of accessories and head sculpts. ALL females should come with this buck from now on minus the few female types that don't need to be super flexible like She Hulk. I mean at the very least all spider-ladies and martial arts types.

  10. This looks pretty good. Alot of great accessories and I'm interested to see how posable this new female body will be. I just wish Hasbro would figure out a way to do leg articulation better I hate that terrible thigh gap. Like its a female character she should be able to put her legs close together. Hasbro stay dropping the ball huh smh

  11. You always say heads and hands make the figure 🤷🏾‍♂️ decent head sculpts and plenty of interchangeable hands with accessories to boot 👢 yeah this is worth the asking price. This one is definitely without question going into my avengers roster 👌🏾

  12. I always keep a list of small items that I want to get from Target to meet the $35 free shipping. Whether it’s toys, candy, etc., I add it to the order and it gives the free shipping for preorder (even if they end up shipping the items separate).

  13. 37??? DUDE.. no.. just no. This is too much — just think of a GiJoe Classified that costs about 40 or 50… and the shitload of stuff they come with for that price. — ML is trying too hard to make people QUIT the line