LEGO Marvel Black Widow & Captain America Motorcycles (76260) – 2023 Set Review

Today, we’re taking a look at the brand new Marvel set – Black Widow & Captain America Motorcycles releasing on August 1st in North America but everywhere else June 1st!

This was sent to me early by LEGO / LAN for review!

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Black Widow’s Motorcycle
01:24 Captain America’s Motorcycle
02:24 Minifigures
04:14 Outro

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38 thoughts on “LEGO Marvel Black Widow & Captain America Motorcycles (76260) – 2023 Set Review

  1. This "new" style of sets with two main characters and their bikes for 15 bucks is one of the best lego has ever come up with. I wanted a set from the batman movie but i could justify the more expensive sets, so the chepest one gave me the main figures and the bikes are awsome too, pretty sweet to have. Same thing here, i wnat that cap figure and the new black widow from AoU and their bikes look good as well. No unnecessary mechs, side builds, baddies no one wants. Simple

  2. I think it's a good Lego Marvel set and it's affordable price of $14.99 and it's Minifigures are great for new looks for Captain America and Black Widow (this is the updated version of AoU Cap same for the 2021 Infinity Saga 4+ set). I'm actually gonna get this while we wait for Avengers Tower set

  3. I don't understand making more motorcycles for Lego Marvel movie sets. Bikes were never important for any of the movies in the franchise. At least give them their own unique Stuntz bikes.

  4. These bikes are boring and oversized. The only reason for me to get this is the parts, and that awesome black widow minifigure. Really wished this had a villain, or any other new character that captain America. Maybe our first quicksilver in a while? He was in the scene.

  5. I mean I’ll get it when I see it. I personally don’t mind having a spare cap in case the one I have cracks or something and also a new black widow doesn’t bother me either and the two motorcycles are net little builds which I don’t mind having.

  6. I think I’m going to wait until the Avengers Tower is revealed before I look into buying this one. For people who don’t have that Cap, it’s not a bad set. But for those of us who do… not work the money just for one new minifig

  7. This is boring. At least the 2021 Captain America motorcycle had a villain to fight and was just 10 dollars. The Black Widow figure is nice though.