Mr. Green’s Black Widow VFX Inception


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50 thoughts on “Mr. Green’s Black Widow VFX Inception

  1. Bro!! Didn’t even notice you actually but the sandwich til 2nd watch! Is your mouth cut out then you add the green after? Or easier than taking chunk out of sandwich i don’t know

  2. Hey man!! I started hating Hollywood movies because of u. Cuz when I see a movie I imagine where's the green curtains located exactly and what runs behind the scenes. Fake moves. Now I challenge u if u could discover an action movies for Jacki Tchan and what goes around the scenes😊

  3. 😲 there he is…
    Mr. Green!!! Hey there, I think you have a cool channel, so I joined up, and gave you a like! Keep showing us how they are doing these special-effects!!! It's really cool!