Black widow short #marvel #marvelcharacter #happycolor #art #viral #shorts

Black widow short #marvel #marvelcharacter #happycolor #art #viral #shorts

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Get to Know Black Widow | Natasha Romanoff

Beware the Black Widow’s bite. Get to know the super-spy turned Avenger, Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow.

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Cosplayer vs Cosplay #shorts #cosplay #blackwidow

This is my Black Widow cosplay I made. I absolutely love the MCU and Black Widow. She was the reason I dyed my hair red for awhile! What do you think of my cosplay?

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This was the first time I made a bodysuit and I learned a lot from the process. I am really happy with how she turned out, but I will probably redo it in the future. Natasha Romanoff is played by Scarlett Johansan.

Photos by TJNorenberg

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