THUNDERBOLTS: Black Widow Sequel Connection Explained!

A Marvel Studios executive confirms Thunderbolts movie to be a followup to the Black Widow movie. But why?

The Thunderbolts movie has been confirmed by Marvel Art Director Andy Park to be a follow up to the 2021 Black Widow film. But what threads did Black Widow leave behind that could justify Marvel Studios making this decision? What could Secretary of State Thunderbolt Ross be up to? MasterTainment explains! #Thunderbolts #RedHulk #BlackWidow

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24 thoughts on “THUNDERBOLTS: Black Widow Sequel Connection Explained!

  1. theres still so many villains in the mcu that has the potential to be in thunderbolts i hope they at least make a cameo in the movie bc im not satisfied with this lineup

  2. has it been known the whole time that Ford's Ross would also be in Cap 4, in addition to Thunderbolts? bc somehow I didn't find out about the Cap part until a Colbert clip the other day

  3. I am curious to see how Marvel will address Harrison Ford replacing William Hurt. Will it be a Terrence Howard/Don Cheadle situation and NOT address it? Or will the change be addressed as some sort of "transformation" due to some Red Hulk experimentation?

  4. I could see the Red Hulk become the big bad of the film. He is using this mind control tech to have his own personal team of super soldiers. They will overcome his mind control and confront him and then he will reveal his hulk form and attack them.

  5. If Steve Rodgers went back in time and stay to live a life with Peggy Carter. If he was working behind the scenes all these years. Could the Red Guardian actually be telling the truth that he fought Captain America but it was old Steve Rodgers? Or as Falcon and Winter Soldier revealed that they military had another super Soldier kept secret Isaiah Bradley?

  6. I just want the real Task Master. Especially now that Deadpool is in the MCU. I've always loved watching those two fight, since Deadpool is so unpredictable that even Task Master couldn't imitate his style.